Baseboard, Cast Iron, and Runtal Radiator Installation


If you want an innovative, efficient, and reliable new way to stay warm this winter, consider baseboard, cast iron, and runtal radiator installation. Kingston Plumbing & Heating, Inc. specializes in radiant heating applications throughout New England. Our expert technicians can walk you through the pros and cons of each option, assess your household needs, and recommend a solution. Baseboard, cast iron, and runtal radiator installation might be the answer to cold, uncomfortable Massachusetts winters.

Baseboard Radiator Installation

Baseboard radiators are not baseboard heaters. Baseboard heaters are strips, mats, or pipes installed beneath your baseboards or tiles to heat your floor. A baseboard radiator, on the other hand, sits on your floor and radiates heat throughout the room. Baseboard radiators use a hydronic (liquid) heating system instead of electricity. In a nutshell, a baseboard radiator is a smaller, more effective version of a cast iron radiator. Baseboard radiators are about eight inches tall and come in lengths of two to eight feet.

The biggest question that customers consider when looking to switch from forced-air heating to baseboard radiators is the price of installation compared to benefits over time. To find out how much it would cost to install a baseboard radiator system, contact Kingston Plumbing & Heating, Inc. We offer free price estimates and will come to your location to assess your current heating system and goals for the future. We’ll examine the cost of all work on your property and give you a fair price. We always price our services competitively.

The benefits of installing a baseboard radiator are numerous, from enhanced home comfort to great cost savings. Baseboard radiators capture the quiet, warm, and efficient heating capabilities of a cast iron radiator in a small, sleek package. Baseboard radiators combine the power of a radiator with the comfort of baseboard heaters – giving you the best of both solutions. Baseboard heat warms your whole house or focus on zones, supplementing rooms you use more often. A hydronic system is popular because of its energy efficiency. Boilers can use many types of energy to power baseboard radiators, saving you utility costs.

Cast Iron Radiator Installation

As part of our baseboard, cast iron, and runtal radiator installation services, Kingston Plumbing & Heating, Inc. sells and installs beautiful cast iron radiators for your home or business. Cast iron radiators are the classic, dependable solution to heat your home. One of the oldest kinds of radiators still in use today, cast iron radiators still offer homeowners a plethora of benefits. These radiators either work with your boiler, using steam, or your hot water heater, using hot water. Cast iron radiators take in hot water or steam and transfer its heat into the surrounding air.

Cast iron radiators are excellent for large rooms or commercial applications. View our recent commercial heating projects. These radiators can be large and take up a good amount of floor space. They remain warm much longer than other radiators, spreading heat throughout a room for hours even without power. Cast iron radiators are extremely durable, lasting decades without dents, rust, or damage. They’re thicker than most radiators and aren’t easily susceptible to breaks or malfunction. You’ll also enjoy quiet operation and an elegant, old-fashioned look.

To add a cast iron radiator to your home, you need a professional. Kingston Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is happy to provide top-quality baseboard, cast iron, and runtal radiator installations. Our installers come to your location and assess your heating needs. We’ll help you buy the proper type and size of cast iron radiator and install it at your earliest convenience. Cast iron radiators are some of our most reliable heating solutions available. Review our other heating services.

Runtal Radiator Installation

Runtal radiators work as a closed heating system, powered by hydronics. These radiators use a forced-hot-water heating system, circulating water from your boiler through flat, hollow tubes. The heat energy from the water radiates from the unit, warming an area in minutes. Using simple, easy-to-clean panels, runtal radiators distribute heat quietly and effectively throughout a space. A runtal radiator depends on whatever elements you use to power your boiler – be it oil, natural gas, or propane. Thus, if your boiler is energy-efficient, your runtal radiator will be as well.

Runtal radiators come in many different types and can connect to your baseboard, attach to walls vertically, or exist in columns anywhere you like. They can blend easily into your interior, in many shapes and colors. With runtal radiator installation, you’ll enjoy minimal system maintenance, less piping, and a consistently comfortable indoor environment. Home and business owners can use runtal radiators in a number of ways, whether as a toasty room divider or a towel warmer. The versatility, flexibility, and attractive look of runtal radiators make them a popular choice throughout New England.

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