“Joe’s work ethics are to be aspired to.”

The quality of workmanship is exceptional and Joe’s work ethics are to be aspired to.

Joe Kingston and Kingston Plumbing has done a number of projects for both my home and for my business.

Early in Joe’s career I watched him displayed meticulous attention to detail when the lettering on two pieces of CPVC piping was not lined up perfectly. Joe quickly cut and reassembled the pipe while training his helper and explaining “the lettering must always be perfectly lined up”. I never forgot what a display of exceptional work ethics that was, and I don’t think his helper did either….

Bill MacKay
Advanced Safety Systems, Inc

“I would not open a new restaurant without him!”

To a restauranteur – “A good plumber is worth more than a good attorney & accountant combined.”

Joe Kingston has been my exclusive plumber for over 10 years now, handling a variety of assignments at all of my restaurants. I would not open a new restaurant without him!

He comes with my highest recommendation!


Jim Cafarelli
Owner Cafarelli Concepts

“They are courteous, neat, and all show up ready to work.”

As custom home builders on the north shore, we strive to surround ourselves with people who deliver the same craftsmanship and dedication as we do to a project. This is the reason why we use Kingston Plumbing and heating. We have used Joe and his crew for the past 7 years. They are courteous, neat, and all show up ready to work. It’s not often that customers compliment the workmanship of your subcontractors in our field, however repeatedly, our customers are impressed with their quality of work. Joey and his men always form great relationships with these customers and always answer the call for future endeavors. Sincerely,

Adam Audette
Vision Builders
Beverly Farms, MA 01915

“Will always deliver on their promises.”

I have had pleasure of knowing Kingston Plumbing and Heating since the day which Joe started his business. Joe and his team are extremely professional and always reaching for excellence. Joe an I have collaborated on jobs off all sizes, whether it is a simple repair or a trouble shooting call or even a very involved high end heating design Joe and his men are always open to suggestion to find the best resolution for his customers needs. Joe and his men often attend our training classes where they are able to receive the training which sets them apart from their competition. I am very confident that Kingston Plumbing and Heating will always deliver on their promises and am very honored to call them all my friends.

Gary M. Paul
Sales Manager
Salem Plumbing Supply

“Kingston Plumbing has been a windfall for us in the plumbing area.”

At Roy Spittle Associates, electrical contractors, we have always striven to give our customers the best in service. We have been successful in our efforts and have benefited with a strong, growing business. Part of our success is due to the fact that we have surrounded ourselves with sub-contractors who think and operate the same as we do. Kingston Plumbing has been a windfall for us in the plumbing area. We often have jobs that come on short notice or jobs that are done for very particular customers and we never have to worry about our needs being met by Kingston Plumbing.

“Joe is there quickly and solves our problems with ease.”

Joe Kingston makes himself easily accessible and always has the man power available for us upon our demand. Whether we call for a sub contracted job through our business or we call for service on one of our buildings that we own, Joe is there quickly and solves our problems with ease. His crew is knowledgeable, clean and well mannered. We work with many different companies in our business and it can be easily said the Kingston Plumbing is the best!

The plumber protects the health of the nation.